Water Sauce Lyrics – Lyrics WSD

Ayo water sauce is trash
Mtb ike out here spitting straight bars

Shout out to huxley hes my man
Shout out to my g, mr abraham
Mr gemmel yea hes the best
Mr gemmel, yea, better than the rest
Mr lim pulling up in his ferrari
Mde, gtr, geo, safari
Spitting bars is all mr abraham told us
Is it a big deal no, no fuss
Shoutout to mr abraham
Yea he is the greatest man
Mr gemmel taught me right
Mr gemmel gave me flight
Mr lim yea hes my boy
Mr lim yea gimme some soy
Bowie binks catching thеm waves
Bowie binks yea hе diggin out graves
Jesse b that jesse d that same me, the super t, the under d, the one knee , all glee, same kinda key, fin b oli d dr3. Mr g, mr me, mr she mr tee, same thing tho, it all peas

Work hard yea all big a taught me
All effort, all big a showed me
I want that spot i want that first
They got my hunger got my thirst
Mr gemmel with the crew
Shout out to the boys yea i love you too
Mtb_ike is the greatest rapper
Water sauce yea, you just getting crapper
Mde, gtr, i handing out diss
My songs are betting than your goofy ah miss
Should i become an artist or is that a brag
Your songs are straight trash, yea big red flag

Water sauce yea you made my life trash
Your super bad songs stuck in my brain, like a rash
Do you even know to sing or you just do music
Wow thats so cool, so awesome too sick
My songs are straight fire, yea what bout yours
Your songs are so bad, yea they boutta start wars
Bede kirwan, shout out to my king
Bede kirwan, happy is all you bring
Tennis first then girls no bede dont get distracted
It should be tennis, then guitar you just can’t get attracted
Lemme tell you tho, bowie gives out waves
You give him abuse no wow you brave

From huxley to bowie to jesse to my boys
From bede kir to fin my bruh, to ethan playing toys
You give my boys abuse yea you know you about to cop it
Private school, gang life, nothing like not brit
Water sauce you better stop you better not
Your songs are straight trash yea they boutta finna rot
Water sauce yea is straight down garb
They taste like trash yea like rhubarb

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