The Voidz – Flexorcist Lyrics

Flexorcist Lyrics by The Voidz

Fell in rows
Just like dominoes
Held the line for just one day
Standing in perfect columns still
Graves lined-up across the hill

Pistols at dawn
aw now you done it baby
Oh no
I shoulda figured
You always make a fuss

What—you’re an expert ?
You read about it somewhere ?
“He had it coming”
— It’s always something with you

Evil eyes,
Seen so much
We’ve go blind.
Friendly face in the firing squad,
In the end it’s nice to know someone at a party

I guess I mighta – sounded a little crazy
I only think of things I shouldn’t do,
It’s like a puzzle
We sing about it sometimes
thought we were ready
3000 years too soon

Temporary things last forever—
and nothing exists…

we’ll ride into the flame
if that’s what it takes


We’re not there entirely
We are free, but we’re not free
See the list of silenced ones
From the grave they sing us psalms

These are the things that I must do
They are not meant to upset you,
Some might just not be ready for the truth.

When you first met me
I’z prolly doing something crazy,
I’m not that special
What don’t you understand
You always worry about things that just don’t matter (Sometimes)
Another puzzle I’d like to solve with you

We might like to have fun but we will ride into the flame if that is what it takes
…or we might never know

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