The Mountain Goats – Jenny Iii Lyrics

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Jenny Iii Lyrics by The Mountain Goats

Jenny was a warrior, Jenny was a thief
Jenny hit the corner clinic begging for relief
Never thought we’d see the day
When she wiggled free
But she did
Long before we did

Nights in crackling emerald
Signal hot and live
Fastest in production
As of 1985
Didn’t guess we’d ever come
To dread that engine’s roar
But she did
Long before we did

Nobody will ever know for certain
The names of all the secrets
She held back behind the curtain

Jenny came to get me
She’d been gone for several years
Aging motorcycles purr like cats
when they grow near
I was crying, I could barely make the frame out through my tears
She did
Long before we did
She did
Long before we did
Jenny, you did
Long before I did

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