The Mountain Goats – Going To Dallas Lyrics

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Going To Dallas Lyrics by The Mountain Goats

Nobody’s ever gonna pour
Plaster in my tracks
My exit will be clean
When I vanish from the scene
You won’t find any thumbprints
To dust your powder into
Just mute donkeys still as statues
In each saloon I’ve been through

Going to Dallas
As far as anybody knows
Maybe Montana
Depending on the way the wind blows

No blinking red light on the line tonight
Or any night out in the future
Kiss the people you hold dear
Forget that I was ever here
If word should reach you from the field
Be cool
Try not to talk out of school
Make them beat it out of you if they want it
Live like a pack mule

Going to Dallas
As far as anyone’s concerned
Maybe Montana
Depending on the way the roads turn

And if they steer me wrong
I’m just going to play along
Remember this when the time comes
Try to let it soften the blow

Let me go, to no
Haven anyone would yearn for
Burn a hole in something for me
Turn around and let me go free

Going to Dallas
In the morning when the wind is fair
Maybe Montana
If I’ve got enough gas to get there

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