The Gaslight Anthem – Empires Lyrics

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Empires Lyrics by The Gaslight Anthem

I came to this empire of blood, bone, and pearl
And I lived off the work of my hands
But I learned there’s an evil in the heart of this world
And much more in the heart of a man

And they showed me no mercy
Taught me to weep and how not to get caught
Showed me no mercy
Until I became like the wolves that I fought

If the winter don’t kill me, then it might be the cold
And the money won’t keep me warm
From the love that I killed and the dreams that I stole
That add up inside of my bones

And they show me no mercy
Come to remind me of the evil I’d done
No mercy
It all came so easy once I went numb

There’s a God up in Heaven with the calendar marked
And He sees in the dark
And He knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake
And He knows where the bodies are laid

And He’ll show us no mercy
Though there be weeping and gnashing of teeth
No mercy
No mercy for you, no mercy for me
No mercy
For the lives that we took and the wars that we waged
No mercy
No mercy come judgment day

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