The Alchemist – Nothing Is Freestyle Lyrics

Nothing Is Freestyle Lyrics by The Alchemist

How hard was it for you to get the mic then, early on, as a DJ?
Artists living comfortably
Yo, yo
Just let off a couple
I am, I am still having fun [?] two years, my 24th album, and I feel [?]
Let me try some shit

It’s big unc on the checkout
Leather Stacy Adams boot when I step out
More muscle, I pull a piece of your neck out
Bake a cake and only serve it when it’s fresh out
Off the oven rack, bottom crispy like a hundred stack
Cuttin’ down oak, I’m a lumberjack
I get a thought then I move on it
Take a needle, drag it across a plate and cut a groove on it
It’s solidified, I’m gifted (You got a gift)
Password protected, the hard drive’s encrypted
I told the sample lay on the ground and then I stripped it
Sprinkle magic in the batter before I whipped it
Duck down low when the fire spark
I peel off all you saw was a tire mark
Never knew a day off existed, I’m way off of the grid
Got over like a fat rat then slid
Inside a backpack the Mac is hid
Flavor packages I set inside the sauce like a rack of ribs
Money trust, you dead to me if I don’t know you twenty plus
Go in a booth wear a helmet and ride the funny bus
This is just a little freestyle to vent
Blowin’ like the AC when it seep out the vent
Keep it contained it just leaks out the pen
I spit, clear my throat and the release out the phlegm
Put pressure on a piece of coal and then squeezed out a gem
Come out the left, kings of the kitchen showed me how to chef
Try keepin’ up and you’ll be out of breath
Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out

I give you style but nothing is free
It’s on the arm but nothing is free
Get it for cheap but nothing is free
Show you the style but nothing is free

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