Miles Chancellor – Mistakes Lyrics 

Lyrics Mistakes – Miles Chancellor

I know, I made some mistakes
Baby, I know I made the mistake of
Loving you, halfway

I remember that the first time we ain’t last, baby
I should’ve let the past just be the past, baby
Looking back, now I can see that you were ready
Looking back, now I can see I wasn’t ready
Looking back, now I can see how you felt rejected
Looking back, thumbing through the thread, now I get the message

I made some mistakes
Loving you halfway
I should’ve went all the way

Loved you all the way down
Showed you what’s in my heart
Feel a fish out of water, every day we spend apart
Now I know that I made mistakes, but babe
You don’t even gotta condemn me for ’em
I know we both made mistakes, baby
But that ain’t my place to be speaking on
The things that you could’ve did better, says who

That’s for you to know
Better, is relative too
What you want
And I want you
What we got
Don’t want nothing new
What we got
We got a bond
Through space and time
Last lifetime
We was in love
Girl, we been here before
Your joy bring me joy
Your smile make me smile
I feel alive with you

I want you to be where you wanna be
I just remember when that was with me
Yea, I just remember when that wasn’t no thing
Yeah, nowadays can’t be around me and think

I know I made mistakes
When I realized
It made me better
When I realized
I made a mistake
Letting you go…

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