Madison McFerrin – Fallin’ Lyrics

Fallin’ Lyrics by Madison McFerrin

See you walk into my door
What more could you be askin’ for
I thought you said you needed some more time
Figured when you walked away the moment I told you to stay
That would be the last time I crossed your mind
But you say you want me back and as a matter of fact I could say I feel that same way too
Still too hesitant to say the things that you told me today
You said I’m fallin’ for you

Fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

Faded in this mystery of wondering if you could see the wall between my heart and peace of mind
Do I say I love you first I’ve never been upon this curse still waiting for the time to see your sign
Plus the way you look at me couldn’t possibly compete with the way that I must look at you
But it doesn’t matter ‘cause you say that you’re falling in love and I can say I’m fallin’ too

Fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

And I say you’re falling, always fallin’ for me too
I’m fallin’
For you

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