Lyrics Something to Write About – Preston Duffee

I’ve been tryin’ for so long to write my first song
I don’t know what to say
Yeah, I’ve been racking my brain
I said a prayer to the good Lord
Helped me string together a few chords
Something that’ll build my sound
And give me something to write about

Then he told me
Son, all you needa do is think of all that I’ve done for you
And how everything that you’ve been through
Has made you into the man you are now

It dawned on me that he was right
God, I wish I could see things through your eyes
When I’m lookin round
Yeah, maybe all the hard times is something to write about

Then he gave me a flashback
Of our little rat pack
All the memories we made
And all the songs we sang
Yeah, I think back to the bonfires
Dirt road truck, bad church choirs
All the boys in one place
And that’s stuff you can’t erase

We’ll think back on all those fears
From Barfield nights to dirty dead ends
I gave you only all’s up’s and downs
And good times, bad times, and ends and nows
Need something to look back on
To make you whole and keep you strong
So I, I gave you brothers to have your back
Now that is something to write about

And you showed me the love and truth
I keep the memory of us and think of me and you
I can’t help but go back to all the times we shared
And you leaving so soon

I hope now you see why I let you have letdowns and let you cry
Sometimes I’ve given you plenty of smiles and couple frowns
And that’s something to write about
Yeah, something to write about…

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