Lyrics One Way Ticket – mansonvibes

Fooling around at 23
I could easily put my faith in her
She’d blow away
My doubts and questions
Still I can’t hold the beast inside

I hated surfing
Freezing from the drowning and falling
Never explain
I hated surfing
Drinking all the bloody dirt like whiskey
Getting overloaded on the way
Woah, woah, hee-hee-hee

Now I’m broken
And sound like an old man
I can finally feel my breath in you
Around and around I’m on the road
Believe it’s the midpoint from one to two

Dancing in the air
On the way I really felt the pleasure
That I can’t imagine
That I’d love
Through learning from
The earth and the sun
By asking for magic

I would love to surf now
I’m learning from the drowning & falling
To save is the reason
Loving to surf now
Drinking all the bloody dirt like whiskey
Celebrating this parade

I’m around and around and around
And around in the world
Just walking around and around
On this one time travel of the world
It’s in the round and around
And around and around in the world

Life’s a one way ticket
So don’t take things too hard

Too hard
Too hard
Too hard, too hard, too hard
Too hard..x4
Too hard

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