Lyrics Colde 콜드 – 상실 (Loss)

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Lyrics Colde 콜드 – 상실 (Loss)

아무도 없는 듯한 마음 느껴
너는 분명 앞에 있고
그 날의 기억들은 선명한데
전부 지워줘
나의 불행을
외면할 수 있도록

더 이상 우린
위로가 되지 못해
같은 곳에 있더라도
서로 다른 곳만 바라봐

IN ENGLISH FONTS(Hangul)(We Tried OUr best to write in Proper Type Lyrics)

amudo eobsneun deushan ma-eum neukkyeo
neoneun bunmyeong ap-e issgo
geu nal-ui gieogdeul-eun seonmyeonghande

jeonbu jiwojwo
naui bulhaeng-eul
oemyeonhal su issdolog

deo isang ulin
wiloga doeji moshae
gat-eun gos-e issdeolado
seolo daleun gosman balabwa

FULL TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH(Full Translation with corrctions in English version Lyrics)

I feel like I have no one.
You are clearly ahead
The memories of that day are vivid.

Please erase everything.
From you
My misfortune
So I can turn it off

We are no longer
Can not be comforted
Even if it is in the same place
Just look at different places.

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