Logic feat. Norah Jones – Paradise II Lyrics

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Lyrics Paradise II – Logic feat. Norah Jones

Cruisin’ through the borderlands, catch a vibe
Fatherhood my hustle, nowadays I’m makin’ music on the side
I confide in the page, weed smoke fill the air, like Sage
Thirty-two my age, I spot a couple grays

Feel my blood pressure raise
No longer are the days of my childhood
My priority nowadays is making sure my wife and my child good
Steppin’ to me, I wish you would
Lord of the Rings, my bling shine like Elijah Wood

Yeah, the lows be low, but the highs be good
Beneath the sheets, like Elle Osili-Wood
I pick up the mic, on my Gotti good
Retired and came back, just like they thought he would
Feel it and face ’em
I’m tryna face it, the rest is basic, uh

Ayo, I want you to play this
And vibe in the ride
I’m finally happy with the man, on the inside
Full of pride, full of fear
Been a decade, but I’m here, seein’ clear
Different motivations
No longer the people that’s up in my ear

I woke up early on my born day, like Nas, AZ in ’94
Three-hundred-sixty-five behind me now, plus one more
My physical frame made it beyond what they said it would
My debut album did better than Reddit said it would

Made it out the trap, but I got my gat, yeah, that’s a fact
I’m runnin’ it back, like What’s up
From the cover of XXL to my moment of clarity
As I excel at Madison Square, I swear
The rap game will split your s**t, like an affair

Prepare for the worst
And this business s**t can get grimy
Got ’em all behind me
Come now, don’t try me
‘Cause I’m me, the God
Study b**ches, like I’m abroad

This is Dad music, pick up the pen and know how to use it
Plenty responsibility and me know how to use it
Appreciative for what I got, ’cause people could lose it
Take these lyrics and use it
Take the heart off my sleeve and transfuse it

I’m bleedin’ as you listen to what I’m readin’
No longer needin’ approval
And feedin’ into the vision of the public
I’m above it, used to do it how they did it
‘Cause I thought that’s how you did it
Now I do it, ’cause I love it
I don’t covet everything they got that I don’t

Let me out of the water
Let me into your subject, babe
Let me out, out of the water
Let me into your subject, babe
Let me out of this water
Let me into your subject, babe
Get me out of this water
Get me into your subject, baby

Stop tryna make it right
Gotta get it nice and light
Won’t you take me for a ride
Take me into paradise
Gotta keep our heads tonight
Even if it makes a fight
Take me into paradise

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