Lady XO – Track Mode Lyrics

Track Mode Lyrics by Lady XO

He tryna get some promo
I’m the type to do em’ dirty dolo
Next to me he think he gettin’ kudos
I’m in crocs this bitch on track mode
Walk it down you better solo
Ops be tryna marco polo
Friendly lettin’ bitches too close
I don’t wanna take a photo

Been that bitch since ’97
Got a temper I’m aggressive
I can’t help it I’m obsessive baby
This ain’t what you want

Got a trick for any bitch
No it ain’t shit to get you gone
You a grown ass man askin me to put you on

Money long but if they ask
I’m just gon’ tell em’ that I’m broke
Not you never breakin’ bread but tryna get some of my loaf
I’m not passin’ out my blunt
It’s personal the way I smoke
I ain’t never cry about it load the bags and hit the road

Rarely seen I’m always noticed
I get bands baby I’m boring
6 am up in the morning
What they want I need like 40
If you playin’ then I’m tenfold
Remy bundles match the brembos
All them drugs fucked up his mental
Bum ass bitch don’t think you special

In that kizzy they can’t catch up man I’m bout to gas this bitch up
I can’t let em’ breathe a lil bit gap him he got hiccups

Got exotics for the low
Come and get em’ before they go
If it’s beef just know I know bitch I already got the location
Rather hustle they take vacations
I cant fuck with him if he basic
Say he love me but I’m too crazy

Why they think it’s sweet when it’s on sight ain’t never backin’ down
Bowls go state to state I got a discount smokin’ by the pound
Talkin’ all that tough shit when they see me they don’t make a sound
Hit em’ with extendos hundred rounds you know it’s very loud

Pockets prime been wine and dining I be on my boujee tip
Let em’ think they slick on what I love I’m comin’ off the hip
You pay to play the game I paved my way I think I got em’ sick
Homie trigger finger itchin’ and he ain’t lettin’ nothin’ slip

I just want some money I don’t really wanna kick it with em’
He mad I ain’t tryna fuck with him I wasn’t trippin’ on it
Ain’t doin’ enough I really hustle I’m just bein’ honest
Back to backin’ woods can’t even see me whippin’ it’s too cloudy

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