King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Gilgamesh Lyrics

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Gilgamesh Lyrics by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


A fiery temper
Stranded in the deadly blender
Weeping human clay
No surrender
The pale death-threat sender leading him astray
Ferocious, slaying feuds to gain the fame
He’s left to fend and hold the reins
He can’t protect the wolf-pack from the sun-god Shamash combat

I vow to disembowel
The battle begins
The heavens turn to darkness

Five visions of biblical downpour
Tearing the rags and hairs tossed to the river beds
Fire-breathing warblers perched on fallen
A prayer of shelter from the peaks


Glorious photon
Invisible traveler
Light and energy
Galaxies zooming past you
A particle pure
Magnificent one
Emitting glow, shining
How long must I journey on?

Bone-dried swamplands swallow me
The lion skins are wearing thin
The passing scorpions guarding
Wandering wild with passing misery
The key to immortality

House of dust, land of bone
I ate dirt, I drank stone
Beneath the razorback
Wished to be insomniac
Swam the flood, cleansed my sins
And flew on thirteen winds
Gemstone trees and scorpions
Did it all, lived my dreams
Now I see man’s folly
Killed the bull, crossed the sea
C’mon snake, punish me
For immortality

Great and ancient light
Infinite distance
Leaving its birthplace
Going on adventures
A galaxy spinning
Many sights unseen
Endless aeons
Space, an unbroken chain
Hear my name


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