Key Glock – One Me Lyrics

One Me Lyrics by Key Glock

Sosa 808
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Counting blues, sipping red (Yeah)
Looking out for opps and 12 (Yeah)
I duck the feds, I stack my bread (Yeah)
So much money it’ll make you scared (Bitch)
I get straight to it when I jump out the bed
Got money on my mind and a bag on his head
These niggas some snakes, I can see them shake
If that nigga a snake then cut off his head
(Yeah, cut off his head)
Hold up, let me take my meds
Lil niggas come through stepping they pledge
Lil nigga hit a block, them boys fled
Put a brick on his head just like Craig
Yeah, can’t no nigga do me like red
I don’t shake hands I don’t like germs
Send a boy through [?] like big worm
Work a bitch just like a intern (Yeah)
The only thing I love is this paper (This paper)
Before the rap game I been turned (Been turned)
These niggas ain’t talking about [?] (Shit)
Slam your bitch Blake Griffin (Yeah)
Knock it out the park like [?] (Yeah)
So wet I might float when I’m in it (Yeah)
She don’t love me she love how I hit it (Yeah)

Uh, half a million worth of jewelry on no pimpin’
Bitch want me to come over and pimp it
I don’t leave the house without my semi
Glizzock him don’t come out the creek
Ten-millimeter shoot like Mike [?]
Demon lil bitch but she act like she Christain
When I wake up it’s a money-making mission
You ain’t talking about money then zip it
Money talking right now he need to listen
Niggas talk too much I keep my distance
Niggas talking gossip more than bitches
I be stacking and flipping my digits
(I be stacking and flipping my digits)
Nigga play, light him up like a incense
Glizzock who your main bitch been with
Glizzock be the one get your wig split
Glizzock be the one get your mans hit
Glizzock switching watches like Ben 10
Glizzock don’t give a fuck about [?] nigga
Glizzock can’t love all these hoes
Glizzock probably sold his soul
Glizzock not a hit this a gold
Glizzock not your average Joe
Why the fuck you buy two rows?
Lowkey I’m working on three
I was 14, mouth full of gold
Me and Lil Rob was smoking OG
Eighth grade 380 all chrome
And I kept that bitch on me
Cutthroat I serve my auntie
G-L-O-C-K there’s only one of me


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