Kevin Abstract – Bubblegum Lyrics

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Bubblegum Lyrics by Kevin Abstract ft. Dom McLennon

Chewing on some bubblegum, gimme all your bubblegum
I hit a lick on the ice cream truck and now I think the bubbles gone (no it’s not)
Gimme all your bubblegum
Took it from my teachers desk and now it’s on my filthy tongue (let’s make out)
Ride around til sun is gone, stole a gun and checked the number
[?], now I think we onto something
Now I think she ponderin’ now I think she gotta run
Better not, let me stop

I like the way your lipstick look on this nut, uh huh
I like the way you do not hold back from what you said, uh huh
I like the way you think you are the shit
Cause matta fact I really think you are the shit
I bet you think I stole this shit
No matter how fucked up we get, we still be right here
Arguing and shit like a bunch of little kids, god damn

Gimme all your bubblegum
You thought you could fuck with me, well now you know I’m not the one
You stepped inside my zone and now I’m having fun, [?] respects
Got my fix from all your dead presidents, residents
Smoke the room out to get some leverage
Left her ass some bubblegum, I brought the best medicine
Snacking on some masculine, I’m running off ideas and adrenaline
E.T. in my basket so I gotta keep on peddling

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