Flatland Cavalry – The Provider Lyrics

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The Provider Lyrics by Flatland Cavalry

It’s five on a Friday, play some Jones
Got that weekend feeling in my bones
Cowboy killer smokin’ in my hand
Submarine sammich in a can
I’m a double-shift, smoke a spliff, up-all-nighter
Got everything I need
I’m a provider

Fifty-hour weeks put my life on the line
Workin’ on a farm, hangin’ wind turbines
Been bustin’ my ass, but come Saturday night
Well, I’ll have my steel toes shinnin’ under neon lights
How’d you think your future looks a little brighter?
It’s me up on a tower, man
I’m a provider

I turn it up
I crank it loud
I ride or die
Put the pedal down, yeah

Got my ’83 GMC blowin’ double stacks
Rollin’ to the house, just crossed the tracks
Put your face on babe, let’s set the night on fire
In that little summer dress we’re gonna smoke the tires
Gonna get wilder than a pumpjack rider
Give you what you need, baby
I’m a provider

I turn it up
I crank it loud
I ride or die
And put the pedal down, yeah

You got everything you need
Fill me up with desire
I give you all my love, baby
I’m a provider

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