Farid Bang – ASPHALT MASSAKA 4 [OUTRO] Lyrics English Translation

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ASPHALT MASSAKA 4 [OUTRO] Lyrics English Translation by Farid Bang

I’m going to tell you something you already know
If you know what you’re worth, then go and get it
But only if you’re ready to take the hits
But don’t point fingers at others and say you’re not where you wanted to be because of him or her or anyone else
Weaklings do that, and you’re not one, you’re better!

German rappers, I f*** them and their dance moves
Every third one’s a son of a b**** – TikTok ranking (Haha)
My d*** head (Yes) for every motherf***** (Yes)
For everyone who looks crooked like Youssoufa Moukoko (Haha)
Raps like Son Goku, I’ve made it to a millionaire
F*** your mother while you make a video statement (Ah)
The Scorpion goes rrah, rrah, rrah (Rrah)
As if it’s the end of Samra’s part (Ey)
You were never part of a shootout (Yes)
Except in a video shoot through CGI
Every German rapper is a gangster and street today
But I was a gangster and street, while you were wearing diapers
Why so offensive against everyone and always?
Unfortunately, there’s only one crown in the monarchy
A bit of nostalgia, I’ll give OZ a slap
Then he wears the same mask as Osimhen
Drake calls him and asks, “OZ, man
Why does everyone in Germany call you a dog?” (Because of me)
Rappers think I’m playing into their hands
But I’m connected in all corners like Shindy’s apartment (Ya dog)
One word against my mother to my face
And I’ll bury you next to your father (Oh)
I’ll meet you outside your apartment
And then drug you like a leaf
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In a high-rise toilet, your d*** will be filmed
You’ll be unconscious on the floor and getting p***ed on
The cops know nothing about my brutal ways
Because I operate in hiding like the organ mafia
The Quran makes me strong, you’ll get a chair in your head
I’ll work on Shindy’s face like a beauty doc
Until he’s knocked out, until he’s half-dead
ADOPEKID can’t make him look normal again (No)
You’re breathing heavily like during a workout
You can’t move because I’m kicking your ribs
Should we let you live? Then pay quickly and in cash
Because only money decides here, like with Harvey Dent
I’m the King of Gangster Rap, go and tell everyone
Not an MMA fighter and not a few bikers
You can never be my back, only my worker
Because my back is only God and no one else

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