Farid Bang – ALLEIN GEGEN ALLE [INTRO] Lyrics English Translation

ALLEIN GEGEN ALLE [INTRO] Lyrics English Translation by Farid Bang

Each miscreation claims I’ve lost my bite
But even Ronaldo has an off year, that’s right
“Is that all, Farid? We want the old Farid back
ASPHALT MASSACRE 4, when’s the album on track?”
No backbone, no artists, you stand all alone
Scared to go solo, won’t step into the combat zone
In the past, you didn’t care who stood in your way
Now you’re all about that payday
Everyone wants me to rap like I did before
Why rap like before? I can do even more
After fifteen years, still standing tall
It’s either my best or my final curtain call

Asocial Moroccan, I’ll destroy you, my friend
You tried to leak tracks but took the bait in the end
That’s how you cowards play on the internet
Your only weapon is your deceitful mindset
When these losers can’t make it on their own
They want to see you fall, ’cause you’ve grown alone
AM4, I’m dishing out revenge in a blaze
So fierce, the index says, “This vengeance sets the craze”
Overpriced boxes and lighters, you see
Tax problems piling up, what a calamity
You’ve ruined your rap career, it’s clear (Ouh)
Scamming fans like webcam girls, oh dear (Ah)
Now he disses us, and Michi’s got the hype he craves
Selling two thousand boxes like an influencer’s rave
Street rap legend, the gangsta rap chief
It’s like the Big Bang, a banger brings relief
With my debut album, I aimed to lead the scene
On the second part, rap wasn’t my means
Asphalt Massacre 3 marked my comeback
But this time, I’ll make a full-scale attack
(A-A-Asphalt Massacre) Battling majors and the foes
Alone against all, no team, just my foes
Having me as your enemy is a massive mistake
The last survivor of the street rap era’s wake
(A-A-Asphalt Massacre)

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