Dying Fetus – Unbridled Fury Lyrics

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Lyrics Unbridled Fury – Dying Fetus

Can’t take it to look at all the stupid faces
Disgusted in all, knowing their disgraces
Feeling daily bend trying not to break
Reaching for my f**k it pills I have to take

A fuse has been lit, can feel it in my core
Hatred so strong and wicked, it is pure
The menacing dreams of implosion that is real
Ready to impose a most frightening raw deal

Going through the steps of murder in my head
No care at all, just stepping over the dead
One day to bathe in this vision when it’s true
Reveling in the chaos, the daydream is you

Anticipation of pending fate is inherent
Making sure to use my time to prepare it
Days running together, time’s a blur
Ready to release my wrath I infer

No need to waste time in their sorrow
Fuel from their essence stolen, not borrowed
The repugnance of living I exceedingly feel
To all no quarter given, no last meals

Fearful frozen eyes, ferocity surprise
Their submissive pleas, killing them with ease
That was the plan, assail who I can
When no one is left, there’s proof of my theft

Rage is boiling over, the simpatico can see
Can recognize the storm about to gush right out of me
Tsunami of belief in the apparent cause
Not living by your man-made laws

Can’t take it to look at all the stupid faces
Disgusted in all, knowing their disgraces
Feeling daily bend trying not to break
Reaching for my f**k it pills I have to take

Hanging by a thread, I am barely aware of
Psychotic disorder fits me like a glove
Gonna shed the skin of the mortal man
Dishing out the horror wherever I can

Time and place doesn’t matter to me
Revenge of being born will set me free
Sick of feeling, the total revulsion
Waiting for the moment of explosion

Drive to realize, fantasy is not what I lack
Sanity has left me, time to attack
Enjoy the fleeting action, my own war
Wasted existence, what was it all for…

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