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Lyrics Daily Duppy – Aystar

Alhamduli, alhamdulilah, I said astaghfiruallah
This guy tried to do me, I said wallah
If you wanna try to do me then you won’t get far
You better pray to Allah
He’s gonna make me put some guns in the car
Or make me put the Rambo on the leccy
Look it’s haram to eat any kinda pork
So someone tell me why there’s bacon pon your brekkie

It’s too tekky, man step steady
Flicky in my pocket, bro I’m ready like I’m Freddie
And even when I’m not I’m still ready
No shank so I hit him with the full glass of Henny
With some coke, it might have been the Rémy with the Pepsi
Shaking on the floor, epilepsy
His boy tried jump in and got banged
Two jabs and one hook
N**gas thought I was Jack Dempsey

Free T, he got nicked with the Uzi
Thirteen years, the sentence was kinda lengthy
But he be coming home real soon
Big dough he’s got plenty, he might drop the Bentley
Beef just don’t tempt me, clips get left empty
Sweets are all hollow, expand upon entry

You think I give a f**k if you’re hench
Wait, you think the four-four cares if you’re hench n**ga
You better sit right there on the bench
My n**ga robs crops every week
And he’s done it ever since
He was first aware of the stench
You can’t hide them and n**ga if he can’t find it
He’s sitting with the heat seeker on your fence
So don’t be tryna ask the Albo’s to mind it
‘Cause no one can save you
When we’re coming for your crops
We came in when it was drying because we timed it
We came in when it was drying because we knew

Got you looking at your right hand funny
He didn’t even know he came in previously
But we did it so neat that you never even knew
Pop the lock to the window of your roof
Seen it wasn’t quite done, it needs a week or like two
I said Sweet we’ll come back, came back and done that
And now your weed’s all over the street like some dog s**t
N**ga, you better fix up, you better fix up quick
Or get your s**t took n**ga, this ain’t a fluke
The yutes are outside at all times of the night scheming
While feds are tryna mark us like Neiman
I’m tryna blow up so I can bring the whole team in
You’re tryna sit there and smoke weed, you’re a fiend
Free S, that’s a certified demon

And I be getting money till I stop breathing
And even when I’m dead I’ll be still getting money
‘Cause when I die they ain’t gonna stop streaming
I know the opps wanna see me bleeding
But this big hand ting I’ve got will f**king knock down a tree
If you think man ah shy, n**ga pop round and see
I’m a booky n**ga, might just pop out the tree
With a handgun, start slapping n**gas at random
N**gas better duck when they hear the shots banging

You know me, cool calm and collective
N**gas wanna see me flop, that can’t run
Man fold when the beef gets hectic
Me, I get blacked out and grip gun
I’m from Toxteth the slum, no dad and just mum
Growing up, struggling for dough is no fun
That’s why I had to hit O with a O
And stay there for weeks
Until the whole pack was done

Started with a half of each
I can’t lie it went slow at first
I was walking with that parcel cheap
I had five fiends on the line
And then it went to ten then
The phone started ringing
First thing in the morning
Had me linking ten punnys by the Spar
On the field, in the park or beach
Had me jumping in the car with fiends
But still I had to get this dough by any means

Ever landed in a town, no white and just brown
‘Cause you f**ked up the flake when you washed it
Now you’re feeling like you’re trapping for nothing
Thinking bout the plug like, Should I rob him, hell no
‘Cause if a n**ga robbed me, that’s a shell bro
Plus karma’s a b**ch…

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