كلمات اغنية حيرة الظامي حسين الجسمي

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من أشعار غياهيب
ألحان وغناء حسين الجسمي

أنا يا ويل من مثلي ظروف الوقت طاح ابها
غدت بي حيرة الظامي على مورد مشاريبه
جداول من منابع صـافية والشهد ذاب ابها
منابع تروي الظامي وفيها سحر نهّيبه
خـذتني يا ملا من دون لا أشعر وأحسّ ابها
صحيت ولنّ روحي يـا ملا من روحه قريبه

تملّـكني وملك النفس إله الكون مالكها
حكمني ولا أنا حرٍّ ونفس الحر عّتيبـه
أسرني بالوفا حبه وحكم شروعه أوجبهـا
حوى الاخلاص دستوره وأدّى لي مواجيبه
حظتني بالـهوى نفسه إلهي كيف أحاربها
تـمثّل في هواه أسمى معاني الجود والطيبه

توالفـنا مواليف الجوازي في تقاربـها
نتابع ياري الوادي ونقطف ما حلا طيبه
جـوازي ربعت تتلامن الـوسمي مطايبها
بـروضٍ زاخرٍ فَيّه كسى عشبه مراقيبه
قضينا في ربيع هواه ليالي الحظ جاد ابها
جمعنا الحب بدروبه وشاركنـا مواكيبه

وجوده فـي حياتي هوّن الدنيا مصاعبها
حبيبٍ صادق الإحساس معاني الحب تسمي به
يـعادل بالغلا روحي عيوني لي أشوف ابها
غمرني حبـه العذري غلاه الدم يجري به
ألا ياليت ساعـات الزمن وقفت عقاربها
ولا ورّتني أيـام الفـراق ومُر تعذيبـه

رجعنا للزمن ندفع سعادتنا ضرايبها
ثمنها كان فـرقانا ولازالت مطاليبـه
كـذا الأيام غـدارة غدتبي في تلاعبها
دعت ربحي من الحرمان تتضاعف مكاسيبه
جـزاك الله يـا دنيـا تردّت بـي مناكبها
دعتني مـن عنـا فرقاه بين الشك والربيه

أعزي بالصبر نفسي وزود الصبر يتعبها
تـوارث دونها مالي وجرحي عَز تطبيبه
سنين العمر من دونه كأني ماحييت ابها
ولا يسوى معي عمرٍ خسر عشرة محابيبه
يـراود نفسي شعورٍ مـن الذكرى يعذّبها
أخاف أن العمر يمضي بنا وتطوّل الغيبه

Lyrics of the song Hira Al-Dhami Hussein Al-Jasmi

From the poems of Ghayeb
Composed and sung by Hussein Al Jasmi

I am, woe, like me, the circumstances of time overthrew her
Became my perplexity Alzami supplier drinkers
Streams from pure sources and the witness melted Abha
Sources that irrigate the oppressors, and there is a plundering charm
You took me, Mulla, without feeling or feeling it
I woke up and my soul is filled with a close soul

Own me and the king of the soul, the God of the universe, its owner
Rule me, and I am not free, and the soul of the free reproaches him
He captivated me with the fulfillment of his love and the rule of law that he enjoined
Sincerity contained his constitution and fulfilled his answers
I had the same passion, my God, how can I fight it
Representing in his whim the highest meanings of generosity and kindness

The tuners of Al-Jawazi tuned in to their convergence
We follow Yari Al-Wadi and pick what is good
My passport is a quarter full of Al-Wasmi’s goodness
In a fertile meadow in which he covered his watch with grass
We spent the nights of lucky Gad Abha in Rabih Hawa
We gathered love in its paths and shared its processions

His presence in my life eased the hardships of the world
A sincere lover, the feeling, the meanings of love are named after him
Just as expensive as my soul, my eyes, for me to see her father
I was overwhelmed by his virginal love, as blood was running through him
I wish the hours of time had stopped ticking
Nor did I see the days of separation and its torture

We went back in time to pay our happiness taxes
Its price was a difference, and its demands are still there
Such days are treacherous in their manipulation
I let my profit from deprivation multiply its earnings
May God reward you
She called me from us, a difference between doubt and godliness

I console myself with patience and increase patience
Without it, he inherited my money and my wounds, the glory of his treatment
The years of life without him are as if I had not revived her father
Omar, who lost ten of his loved ones, is not equal to me
I have a feeling of the memory tormenting her
I am afraid that life will pass us by and the absence will be prolonged

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